Frequently Asked Questions

Richard Giles

How long are the lessons?
Usually lessons are one hour or half an hour. This however, can be flexible.

How much do the lessons cost?
One hour is £25.00
Half an hour is £13.00

Am I too old (or young) to start lessons?
Children can start playing guitar at a very young age, but my lessons are better suited to children who are 10 years and older. I also teach those in their 70's and 80's. There are no real age barriers.

Do you teach both acoustic and electric guitar?
Yes, virtually all styles are covered.

Do I need to own a guitar before I start?
You can certainly borrow a guitar for the first lesson or two to see how you get on, but being able to practice at home is obviously important to progress.

What guitar should I buy as a beginner?
A beginners acoustic guitar can be bought for around £80 and an
electric guitar and amplifier package for £100-£150. I can always help you with your choice.

Do I have to read music?
No, reading music isn't necessary when starting to learn guitar. I can teach you how to read music, but simpler methods of notation are widely used.

How long before I can play some tunes?
You will be able to play music almost from the start, but as any experienced guitarist will tell you, we are always learning!

I am already quite an experienced guitarist, can lessons help me?
Yes. Many guitarists come to me who find themselves in a rut. They feel they are not progressing. They play the same things, at the same level in the same way. I try to open them up to new styles, genres and techniques and renew their excitement in the instrument.

For any other queries call me on 0776 4210413 or use the contact page