I have been having lessons with Richard now for 3 plus years I can honestly say that Richard is genuine & good fun to learn with I am 47 & had never played guitar before. I am enjoying my journey & look forward to my weekly lessons.
Testimonial 4
Mark Walker Exeter

I started playing the Guitar 3 years ago. After a year of books and CD's I felt I wasn't improving so I contacted Richard. Two years later I am still having a weekly lesson which I enjoy greatly, my playing has also improved beyond all recognition. I turn up to lessons often with a new song, mostly from the 60's or 70's and it amazes me the speed at which Richard either knows it or learns it in minutes.
He is a great Tutor I recommend him.

Testimonial 2 
Gary Sheward
'I would definitely recommend Richard, he's a fantastic teacher and a really cool guy.'
Testimonial 4
Jimmy Keohane Exeter
'I started out as a complete beginner with Richard and never thought I would get further than a strum, but Richard has developed my technique by cleverly introducing me to pieces that develop a new skill so gradually, and with much patience on his part I can play finger style and strum! He makes it fun and exciting, what can I say? Richard is a really good teacher!'
Testimonial 4
Abi, Near Exeter

Enthusiastic, authentic and more than patient teacher. Playing for fun and learning how, at the same time.

Testimonial 4
Wendy, Exeter
'Thank you Richard for three years of interesting tuition, you have kept my interest going all this time. I have made quite a bit of progress since my first lesson.'
Testimonial 4
Laurie Clifton, Near Exeter